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How To Make Your Pins Go Viral on Pinterest
13 Ways To Make Your Pins Go Viral on Pinterest

15 Ways To Make Your Pins Go Viral on Pinterest

Hey i have brought here  for you to read about Pinterest Marketing  and you will have lots of question in different way that how to make your pins go viral on pinterest, how to do pinterest marketing viral,how to get more referral traffic. Pinterest is second largest social media after Facebook and its popularity is its amazing features and umpteen benefits lying there. If you are looking at this media with optimism for growing your audience then you have thought it just perfect.

Create a Catchy Image with some Nice description so that i can be pinned by your audience

The best way to rush your  visitors to your site is to create “photo badges” and use them as the featured image at the top of your blog post. If you use flickr for your blog photos, your pics might not be able to be pinned. If your images are showing up saying “Sorry You cannot pin this image” then you need to read this post on how to make your images pinnable again.

Other tips for photo badges:

  • Use real photos – pins that use real photos as a background will get more traction than ones that use text over a plain background
  • Use light and visually appealing colors (think light blue, pink, or yellow) rather than neutrals or dark colors
  • Keep your pins under 5000 pixels high – the taller the pin is, the harder it is for pinners to repin it
  • The better your blog post title is, the better this technique will work.

Write pinnable and irresistible content so that it can go viral.

Is it easy? but it needs to so. Your post needs to let people know how to do something better and faster, better, cheaper or easier than they’ve ever heard before.  You post has to be unique and grab attention long enough and holds people stick to it so that they should come and use it as reference or bookmark it.  If you’re lucky, your content become viral the way people respond and stick to it

Create a spellbinding and high definition pinnable graphic image.

Whether it’s a “How To” DIY post or just a beautiful picture that showcases your talents, make sure every post on your blog has an attention grabbing and eye-popping pinnable image. Most of the photographers or creative artits have been showcasing their talent by creating image boards which have oomph and attention both

Write a headline for your images that can hook your audience

Audience has very short span of attention, so you have to create a magazine kinda of cover image with heart tickling and attention stop over headline.  A straightforward description on your image lets the pinner understand that what exactly they are heading themselves into if they click on that pin. Let them bookmark (Pin it ) it now and read it later.

It is not as important as writing text next to your image in every case. Just do it wisely and timely when required.

Avoid cluttering your image with plenty of text. Sometime your text goes awry or contrasting to image. Sometime image speak louder than words so be creative in both image and text. But yes if you need to bring amalgamation then it has to be really sensible and time worthy.

Collaboration is the best strategy rather than competing out.

See every day lots of blogger or creative people have been mesmerizing audience with their work, but if you are really serious and want to stay in the game for long period then you need to collaborate with similar people, who are catering the same audience in you niche.

Always be descriptive rather than just being formal while pinning .

If you are descriptive, this allows the pin to be more searchable, just don’t spew few words like great pin, amazing stuff etc,  If you add some description, which results in more repins. Be particular in mentioning the original source in your comments since it’s just nice manners to give credit to someone for their work.

Play genuine game and be ethical. 

Hey Don’t copy some body image and link back to your site as it does not sound good and looks nasty practice. So shun this practice and rather use copyright free image with some editing in that using canva or pablo.

Emphasise on collection and curation of new content for your audience

You should work as curator in your niche and constantly accentuate in pinning new content by curating and creating board. So that your audience can take delight in stuff they would like to.

As an online curator you  job is to entrench your authority and your position amongst your audience, It is just like a museum curator, who keep replenishing it with unique and new stuff, which draw audience towards it.

Being a Pinterest curator means you pick the best images and then organize them in an interesting way that benefits your core audience. In other words, you cherry-pick all the best images related to your topic and pin them to your boards.

So get the good stuff  And then pin the good stuff. Because when you’re a great curator, your audience will grow exponentially by liking and turning towards it

Be Kind in your comments and do comment as good karma come back to you.

You can not stay away from being social. I agree that you can not leave comments on every pin every time. But if you simply drop some lines there the original pinner would love it or reciprocate the same. It is one of the best social SEO practice but nevertheless it is great way to acknowledge somebody’s work. Be it creator or curator. And alway add credit to them when you pin them or post in any social media platform.

Be stalker but for your Pin

If you want to know what people have pinned from  your blog, simply hit this URL in your browser:, and replace the “” with your website’s domain name.  This will direct you to a page of pins that people have pinned from one of your blog. If you’re a dedicated blogger it’s a great barometer to see your most popular posts and what people love from your site.

Avoid Pinning Nasty Stuff .

Being on the top of social curve, or want to be on the create of social wave, does not mean that you should post irrelevant or bad content, which can distance your audience and stave them off from your board or unfollow themselves. Simply maintain the decorum of your social behavior

Don’t overdo for money

Pinterest is very cautious about affiliate marketing as it has disowned this piece in 2015 and but now has planned to start being liberal to affiliate links with stringent and more stipulated guideline. I have seen personally lots of people linking their affiliate page with all pinned image under various boards. In order to earn money, you can not go extra mile to irritate your audience or even your social platform provider.

Pinterest is great place for marketer so use it the way your audience would like it, showcase them stuff, image and some compelling images or deals, which will trigger them to come on your page and which can bring conversion. So have shopper but not be spammer.

Build Your platform to make your pin go viral on pinterest

If you want massive amounts of traffic from Pinterest, you need lots of followers. Get lots of followers by:

  • Pinning a little bit every day, preferably at peak times
  • Following other people – find other interesting users to follow by going to the “Popular” or “Everything” tabs on your Pinterest navigation bar
  • Cross-post your pins to Facebook and Twitter using the built-in social media tools within Pinterest
  • Show some personality. You don’t need to stick to pinning images and videos that fit within your blog niche. Want to see what personality looks like on Pinterest?

Insert a Meta Tag of “Pinit” in your header of website.

Let your audience should have this benefit to pin your post directly from your image so that they can read it and tag it to one the board if they wish to. So you better copy the code.

Step to do it

1-Click on the right hand side of gear icon

2-Click on Make a Widget from the drop down

3-choose from the code mentioned there and embody them in header of your site.

Isn’t is pretty cool?.


I hope you would have liked this blog post on how to make your pin viral on pinterest. I have tried to summarize some points which would have enabled your to apply them in your pinterest marketing strategy.

But i would really mention some great writer, who have written great piece of content on Pinterest Marketing, which has worked as reference for this blog.

Beth from

Again Beth from


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