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Pinterest Marketing knowledge Center for Marketer

About us

Hi Friends,

Let me thank you for visiting this site, Which is going to be digital Marketing knowledge center on Pinterest. 

This site has been created with objective to give you information about new tools  and happening in the field of pinterest marketing, which has more than 100 million active  users right now. The popularity shows that how visual based bookmarking site have been garnering the attention of audience.

Here i will be bring great articles too, some curated, some created as purpose is to get you hooked with information, which you were scouting for. This is interest based social media, where you like to create boards depending upon your area of interest and let other people become the part of it.
digital Marketing knowledge center on Pinterest

I believe digital marketing is so much gigantic field and million of people like us have been exploring this field to be the bread and butter. If we can enable them to progress on the right path with some handy information rather than drowning in the unfathomable ocean of digital knowledge.

There is already plenty of information available on pinterest marketing and its benefits. Here i want to cater to specific audience, who is looking to capitalise on this social media marketing piece.  People tend to be more engaged with your site, if it has image or some visual present there.

E-commerce store, fashion, lifestyle products, apparels have been getting its due attention from the users across this channel.

Even if you are social media marketer or digital marketing expert, it is also good for you to know more about pinterest here, You need not riffle through lots of fragmented information.

So my aim here is to give you great experience and delight in term of knowledge for pinterest marketing and various tips and tools. I shall always look up to my friends, audience, customers for their unprecedented support.

I am also looking for your participation in making this ecosystem a stark process of earning money out of this digital marketing knowledge center on pinterest.

I wish every human being on this earth a great and balanced life of great work and deep satisfaction.


Anshul Rastogi

Passionate Learner