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How to Earn Money through Affiliate Marketing Using Pinterest
How to Earn Money through Affiliate Marketing Using Pinterest

How to Earn Money through Affiliate Marketing Using Pinterest

Pinterest has banned last year affiliate marketing and marred the potential of How to Earn Money through Affiliate Marketing Using Pinterest through placing the affiliate link to image under one of the board , which would direct the pinners to the site. They get the cut if any sale happens.

But pinterest team has realized that it discouraged influencer  to share beautiful content, This platform is meant to create and spread content, which is good for users. So they decided to bring it back but with more stringent policy and monitoring in place

Pinterest being one of the faster growing social media platform too earn money through advertising, which is based on user generated content, Its it revenue stream like most social sites including Facebook and Twitter,  it depends on its users to create all the content that it can sell ads between, so it needs people willing to put a lot of time into its platform.

With sky touching valuation of over $10 billion, it has been expanding internationally and encouraging lots of people across the globe to savor this visual bookmarking platform to create interest based board and let people pin it and share it with their platform.

So this is good news for all those affiliates, who were impacted and now can enjoy their commision back by placing product under board.



So how you can earn money using pinterest


1-Create a Board of the interest similar to your product which you are trying to promote

2-Create an image which you want to promote, if you don’t have website, add description with keywords and save it or simply if you have image on your website, you can pin it. But for that users will have to go to your site for buying anything through links placed on the content there.

3-Go back to saved image and click on that image assigned under one of the board. Click on edit button

3-Place a link to the image,  Usually put link. Which is URL shortener with your affiliate id hidden there

4-Save it and savor it by promoting it.

5-Get the money if some body goes to site through that pinned image.



I am sure, you will not leave any stone unturned. But make sure pinterest is very strict in affiliate marketing. If they find any spay or malicious links, they can discard them

Anshul Rastogi

Anshul is CEO and Founder of Mobizdom Technology, which is Marketing communication optimization specialist for brands and enterprises. He is experienced person with 15 years of rich corporate journey into Sales and Marketing in telecom, Media, Technology and consumer care domain. He is now Entrepreneur. He has been helping startups and consulting companies for Digital marketing and channel sales. He is mentoring young entrepreneurs and nurturing them to get better business sense and ROI. Anshul loves living healthy life and stays away from junk. He can continuously talk on health tips and fitness. He believes that fitness brings mind and body together. “You cant be near perfection until you fail multiple times” That is his tenet of life.

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