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Optimising Pinterest Content
Pinterest Optimization: How To Use These 10 Strategies

Pinterest Optimization: How To Use These 10 Strategies

You know pinterest and you also know how it is used for building followers and creating useful boards and those ideas which you. But have you thought of pinterest optimization for your profile? These ten techniques of optimizing your pinterest profile will help you get more followers and more eyeballs.

Having said so, it does not mean you should do it once but it is continuous process for you to keep optimizing the pinterest profile.

Pinterest SEO should be part of your social media optimization and search engine optimization strategy and you have to keep learning pinterest search optimization for your profile. It is just like optimizing your onpage SEO of your site.

10 Strategies for Pinterest Optimization

  • A great picture of yours or image, logo of your brand. Which depicts what exactly who are and your brand. So focus on the piece of communication nicely. Generally people tend to be reckless and upload photos, which does not have any congruity with profile. Optimizing images for pinterest profile or even board is essential for driving better results
  • About you: Try to be specific and to the point and tell about yourself or your brand within 200 character limits of words. So choose the keyword, which goes well or you can write about different boards or topic, which your profile is going to have board wise
  • Be local: Mention your city or origin of your business. Also don’t forget to mention the same in your “about you” section. People can find you easily as local searches are predominantly more apt to your board. You can also create a local board about your city, where you can talk about your city’s main spots like historic monument, great place to hangout and some use full information, which your customer can use.
  • Get your website verified: If you have a business and you want to promote it to relevant niche then pinterest can be great buddy for your business, specially if you are in creative work, food business or any business which is purely a image or picture based then this works well. You have to get your website verified by placing meta codes on your website header to prove the ownership. This is also good for your site from SEO perspective.
  • Social Media means ” BE SOCIAL” this means that rather than posting your images or pinning them, it is advisable to search for other and admire their work, follow them, repin them, comment and be engaging. This way not only you get noticed but lots of engagement back to your boards and traffic to your site too.
  • To attain maximum engagement, it is better to create different boards around your product and service. Always mention your specific keywords highlighted for those boards. This ways it allays the confusion and your prospective customer can visit those boards and find useful information there
  • Keep Changing the boards placement, based on the engagement with boards. As people are searching and reaching your boards through keywords and they would notice immediately first two rows. Place the trending topic and most engaged boards in order of precedence. Boards which has low level of engagement should not be placed first
  • Have variegated boards around your business and your hobby. Suppose i am digital marketer but my passion is about being fit, travelling new destination, devouring on food so i can create boards and invite people their to be the part of it. This is great tactic as it brings people to your boards and motivate them to explore your other boards and visit your site.So give each board a very dintinct feel. Use keywords and theme wisely
  • Don’t highlight your urge to sell or over promote yourself in pinterest media. Be practical and try to bring curated content and share useful information with your audience and followers. There is no harm in promotion and selling the product. But promotion should look natural.
  • Variety always win. So pinterest media is all visual. So use variety of things like infographics, graphs, images, quotations, images with overlay texts, videos from youtube and other video network. This will hook your audience with your board.

Pinterest Optimization

Source: Pinterest • The world’s catalogue of ideas


Last but not the least, one has to be consistent with pinterest SEO strategy.  You can keep doing some changes till you get your result. You have to create your calendar for pinterest optimization. You can’t afford to skip this for some time and come back and start pinning, repinning and following in deluge. Be slow and ready to scale it up.

I am sure if you follow these strategies to optimize your pinterest page. It can yield better result and give you good numbers of followers.

I have chosen this infographic as this illustrates well and keep all points well summarised.

Anshul Rastogi

Anshul is CEO and Founder of Mobizdom Technology, which is Marketing communication optimization specialist for brands and enterprises. He is experienced person with 15 years of rich corporate journey into Sales and Marketing in telecom, Media, Technology and consumer care domain. He is now Entrepreneur. He has been helping startups and consulting companies for Digital marketing and channel sales. He is mentoring young entrepreneurs and nurturing them to get better business sense and ROI. Anshul loves living healthy life and stays away from junk. He can continuously talk on health tips and fitness. He believes that fitness brings mind and body together. “You cant be near perfection until you fail multiple times” That is his tenet of life.

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